Sculpture Paste Pineapple Swirl 160g Little Birdie


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Product Dimension(L X W X H): 55X55X65X197mm
Product Weight: 0.197 kg
Product Cubic: 0.0394

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Decorative plaster for sculpture painting, 3D flowers and relief art.
The paste is ideal for 3D designs, holds formations like thin petals
and finer details well.
Can be used with stencils.
Best applied with palette knife.
Water based.
For best results, allow it to dry naturally (do not force dry with a heat gun).
After complete drying, you may apply varnish on the project to protect the work from moisture and UV rays.
Drying time depends on the applied thickness.
For prolonged shelf life, tightly close container after use.
Can be used as a relief ornamental paste as well.
Works best with Little Birdie one step Cackle Medium.