Little Birdie was started in early 2004 in the Garden City, Bangalore with the intent of empowering women by creating employment opportunities for them. Today we have a product development team of hand picked designers & artisans and produce some of the finest handmade flowers & embellishments.

All our flowers are hand embossed, hand shaded, hand glittered & we now provide employment to nearly 2000 women directly & indirectly.

Our products are very innovative elegant & sophisticated.

We have a variety of products to fulfil every crafters need, from dainty with subtle colours to vintage and rustic.

We are always looking forward to come up with the most innovative and upmarket products, yet keep it simple enough to provide you with great prices!

Customer Service

Our mission is to keep our customers happy and satisfied and our team is always approachable for your queries / problems.

You can always escalate to Anupam - studio2@aecoffshore.com

Our goal is to deliver a WOW experience to our customers and to make them keep coming back for newer exciting products and offers which we will be updating frequently.